About Joe A. De La Cerda
I am a photographer specializing in creative portraiture as well as candid, and action shots in the Houston, Texas area.  My style is more artistic than the normal portraiture photography.

I was self taught.  I didn’t attend any photography school or work under the tutorship of any established photographers. What I know has been learned through trial and error and finding my own style.

I don’t believe that you need to go to school to learn photography. It is more important to have something interesting to say about life, or if not interesting funny. I really don’t know much about the contemporary photographic world. As I walk around the city, inspiration is not a problem, it is everywhere. The only problem I have is turning it off.
Creative Portraiture
portraits are all about capturing a person or persons in a precise moment of time. Portraits were once only about facial expressions, but creative photographers look for much more than that now such as personality or mood. A picture is worth a thousand words.
An effective headshot is my goal. I want to give you a photograph where YOU will look like YOU on a really good day. Showing your personality and spirit is key. I will softly direct you to make sure there is life coming from your eyes. It has to come from the eyes or your headshot will seem dull.